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In our age of technology and social media, the music industry has seen a change in music consumption habits, albums and singles.

One can forge their own simple paths to make it in music today without getting stuck and also have the ability to reach out directly to their fans, which creates a closer community.

Celebrated Ghanaian entrepreneur and originator of hiplife genre, Reggie Rockstone has however indicated that the country's entertainment music, back in the days, was 

''Infact the Showbiz and  Entertainment music scene was heavy even without the social media , it a very exciting moments with real time and real music artists, no faking and Ghanaians were very patriotic at that time'' he told host of Silver Super Dryv, Lovin Cee on SilverFM.

''Today musicians have all these platforms; facebook , twitter and other functional sites at their disposal to make research to enhance their work''

The “Agoo” hitmaker, hip life Grand papa advised Ghanaians and showbiz personalities to use 'social media for good’ as that can be integral in reinforcing relationships between music artistes and fans.

Reggie Rockstone noted that coming into the Ghanaian industry with a new genre of music, Hiplife  at the time was a ''revolutionary move which had impacted Africa and the world''.

''We came into the game to meet strong legends like Daddy Lumba , George Darko , Ben Brako , Rex Gyamfi and more .... so introducing a new style for the first time was one of the biggest challenge as far as breaking into the system was concerned and this was without social media at the time''

'' I was raised as a Pan African, natural and from very organic family and the youth embraced me and I personally arranged my own style if music and rap that won the hearts of many locally and internationally'' he said.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 20 July 2021

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