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Sylvanus Dodji Jeoffrey, known as Captain Planet of the 4X4 fame believes that it is not entirely the case that group projects translate to success because everyone brings his/her ideas on board.

“Being in a group limits your creativity in a lot of ways; it is like being in a family, it is not all about you. Whatever decisions you take you need to consider the others.” Captain Planet disclosed.

“You cannot spend all your time on a song; it has to be shared because everyone has to prove his or her ability. You cannot do a lot of the things you want to do because of this.

“You may want to do a rap on some portions on a song but you can’t because the other members may think it will not help. You may want to put some guitar strings somewhere but the group says no etc and you have to deal with it.

“But when you are alone, you can do all the things that you like because after all you do not need anyone’s opinion. You can bring on board all the creative ideas you have in your box and do all the acrobatics on the song, it is all yours.” Sylvanus Dodji stated.

Captain Planet again said what being in a group does to you is that you will endure things that ideally you wouldn’t allow.

"Because you are dealing with individual differences you have to be very tolerant, you cannot just do anything anyhow. Even when you are not happy with something, you need to go about it in a much matured way so that you do not offend anyone.”

In spite of his reservations, Captain Planet admitted that being in a group also empowers you. “There are good sides too; you learn from each other, exchange ideas and all but the truth still remains that the way you do things as an individual is not the same with a group because it is not all about you anymore,” he stated.

In the last three to four years, fans of 4X4 have not been treated to any new material from the group, and speculation has been rife that the members; Captain Planet, Coded and Fresh Prince, have gone their separate ways.

The rumours have been given more credibility because of the individual projects they’re all working on. Captain Planet has been very successful in his endeavours with hit songs like Obi Agye Obi Girl and Gengin and Bengin while Coded has released Loyalty and Edey Pain Dem.

“Prince is currently in school in the States, Coded has found a new love that he is concentrating on and I have other businesses I need to focus on so we are all occupied at the moment but we are working on something that will blow the minds of Ghanaians. They should keep up the love for me as a solo act and my group 4x4.” He added.

Nana Yaw Berfi (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


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