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Funny face who became famous thanks to popular TV series “ChorkorTrotro” on TV3 broke down in tears as he shared his emotional story on his Facebook page after receiving many messages from people who were tired of life and wanted to commit suicide.

According to the comedian, he remembers how his mother cried back in 2007 when she saw the hustle he was going through just to make in it life.

 He indicated that he walked from circle to Tema for almost 2years just to crack a joke for only one minute on a radio. He said during that time his mother questioned him “Nana is it by force to talk on radio,, then with tears she prayed .. and said to GOD in front of me dat she doesn’t have anything to support me but she prays to GOD to grant my wish !“

But today, thanks to his determination and hard work Funny Face who is very popular among kids, and has been given the name “Children President” has made it in life.

The comedian went on to show appreciation to few people who helped him to become who he is today “Fada Dickson , Abeiku Santana, Kofi Asare Brako Abatey, Charles OseiAssibey , B.B Menson , Shadrach , Jerry Justice, kwame Idan, Kusi Mensah Capito, Papa Bills, Afuapokua, Daddy Bosco, Akumaa Mama zimbi, et al.

 He finally urged his followers that suicide is never an option, and that they should never give up no matter what they are going through.


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