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Dr. Osei Bonsu, the Former Head of Political Science Department at the Ghana Methodist University has stated that, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) should not get the muscle to reprimand the Electoral Commission (EC) over their reforms.

According to the brilliant Political Science Lecturer, the NDC,s failure to attend to the recent meetings of the EC, which is aimed at bringing new reforms in our collage ahead of the 2024 general election weaken their suggestions on the new reform.

The Electoral Commission of Ghana led by Mrs. Jean Adukwei Mensah deputised by Dr. Bossman Asare organised a two day forum for all the political parties in the country to set up new modalities and reforms in the process.

The two day meetings with the political figures was aimed at helping the EC solicit ideas from all the political parties to include in their new reform but the NDC failed to attend to the both meetings saying they are not in good terms with the EC after the 2020 Supreme election verdict.

The NDC cited that, the gross misconduct of the Electoral Commission Boss not to take the witness box accounted for their defeat in the ruling hence boycotting their meetings henceforth.

The new reforms emerged after the meetings were that, election voting will end at 3pm instead of the previous 5pm but the biggest Opposition party held press conference after boycotting it and described the EC's decision as "unternable" adding that it is possible for voting to be closed at 3pm in Ghana.

But reacting to this on Omanbapa Morning Show on Silver FM, Dr. Osei Bonsu described the NDC's spider's tactics as unnecessary.

According to him, they cannot comment on something they refused to partake.

"You were given the chance to take part in the meeting but you refused to attend. So why commenting on it now when you had the chance to share your views''.

''I think it is a good idea for them to say little or better still nothing at all about the new reforms"

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