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Technology, undoubtedly, is having an effect on every aspect of our daily lives. From work, to fitness, nutrition, and even sex – yes, sex – the options available on the internet are simply endless. Research has it that the popularity of pornography industry hit the roof when the internet came into full force.

The Internet’s influence in our lives is so much so that sociologists now agree that, the world of sex and dating has been affected, whether positively or negatively, by its surge. But it has even taken things a little further.

In the past weeks, social media has been awash with one sex doll story or another. Some of the stories tell, in detail, how these dolls are made, their unique capabilities with one actually speculating the possibility of humans procreating with these robots.

As preposterous as it sounds, men in China – a country with millions of women - are known to be the largest users of these silicone models of women, as one article puts it, “to have and to hold. And to f**k.”

Personally, the idea that a human being would choose to be intimate with a doll…a doll, something made from plastic over a real flesh and blood beats my imagination.

So the people who are buying sex robots, what is wrong with them?

More to come on sex doll


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