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Some Police personnel at Tafo Nhyiaeso in the Old Tafo Municipality of the Ashanti Region has appealed to the government to complete the abandoned police Bungalow to promote the quality of security issues in the area.

Speaking on condition of anonymity some police officers told Silver FM's Akwadaa Nyame that, the uncompleted building was left to rot for the past 20 years, which the personnel have already complained bitterly about.

They indicated that, works on the building is about 60 per cent complete and all efforts to get the Assembly to complete it for them proved futile.

The police personnel disclosed that some of the officers has rented rooms within the Kumasi Metropolis and other district in the Ashanti Region which delay their daily activities.

Water shortages, according to the personnel is another major challenge the face but they indicated that they have braced themselves up to pay more for water as long as it remains in short supply.

The area has been hit by an acute water crisis for almost three months.

The situation according to the police personnel has brought pressure on the few source of water like dug out wells in the area and is getting worse by the day.

One of the officers told Silver FM's Akwadaa Nyame that they have had to resort to the use of sachet water and water from wells for cooking and bathing.

"Everyday, we have to go out and search for water before we can go to work. We sometimes help out our wives to fetch water with our uniforms'' one officer hinted.

They have therefore accused the Assembly member in the area for sitting unconcerned after series of meetings.

Source: Akwadaa Nyame (Silver FM)


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