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Some residents in the Sepaase, a suburb of Abuakwa in the Atwima Nwabiagya South Municipality have turned the Sepaase R/C Basic and Junior High School into a palladium of sex, smoking of substances suspected to be Indian Hemp (wee) and a public place of convenient.

Unit committee secretary, Mr Anning Martin told Silver FM's Akwadaa Nyame that, there is no security in the school, as there are no fence walls, and also most of the walls of the classrooms were half constructed, thereby allowing social miscreants to use them after school hours and has even increased during the COVID era.

The committee secretary said the intruders do not only smoke illegal substances, but also defecate on the campus as well.

They further added that these invaders had not only desecrated the place, but also robbed residents in the area even in a day time.

According to him, apart from this criminal act, the school don't have enough classroom to accommodate the students and the lack of furniture which compelled the children to sit in pairs instead of one child to one desk before the COVID vocation.

He said, if the government and the assembly did not come to their aid, the students will have any other choice than to take instruction under a fragile shed, with worn out roofing sheets with holes in them.

The community, one of the residents said, does not have toilet and resorts in the school compound to ease themselves.

Meanwhile, some of the residents have complained about the danger of the school building poses threat to the students.

Akwadaa Nyame (Silver FM)


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