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The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has demystified the allegation that head porters known in the local parlance as ‘Kayayei’ are been asked to pay a daily toll of GHS 1.00.

A picture of a Market Toll ticket with number MT 00106624 dated 06/04/18 circulating on social media  alleged to have been issued to a head porter is fictitious and misleading, according to the Metro Coordinating Director, Sam Ayeh Datey.

He said, the caption associated with the post is deemed to be a calculated attempt to court public disaffection towards the Accra Metropolitan Assembly.

He indicated that the directive from Central Government not to charge the head porters is still in force, stressing that, the gazetted 2018 Fee Fixing Resolution does not include the Kayayei as toll chargeable groups.

“Kayayei” are persons engaged in carrying goods for a fee especially in commercial areas, mostly in and around market centers and major bus terminals.

They are mostly employed by travellers, shop owners, general shoppers, or traders and are used to offset the difficulty of vehicles accessing the center of the markets to load or discharge goods.

However, the gazetted 2018 Fee Fixing Resolution captured hawkers in a chargeable group, which mandate them to pay a daily toll of GH¢ 1.00 but not “Kayayei” as the story sought to portray.

A  hawker is someone who travels around to merchandise or sell easily transportable goods.

The AMA wishes to express its utmost dissatisfaction with the said impression being created and urged all to desist from churning out such misrepresentation and to cross check with the Assembly before putting out such material since the city authority is operating an open door policy.

Therefore, the AMA would want to put on record that the gazetted 2018 Fee Fixing Resolution does not include head porters as tolls chargeable group and that the directive from Central government not to charge Head Porters tolls is still in force.

In a press release signed by the Mr. Sam Ayeh Datey, the AMA assured all stakeholders that it is working in accordance with the directive to ensure a smart, sustainable and resilient city to improve the quality of life of people living in the city by providing leadership and opportunities for social and economic development whilst maintaining a clean attractive and a secured environment for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors.





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