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A Second Class prison officer (2CO), Abibula Nankpa, attached to the Ankaful Main Camp Prison in the Central Region, was on Monday given a 13-year jail sentence for possessing narcotic drugs.

It would be recalled that the officer was shot at the hip by guards at the Ankaful Maximum Security Prison on August 5, when he was found to be throwing some items over the walls of the facility.

He was handed over to the police as the items were suspected to be Indian hemp.

Abibula Nankpa has been in and out of court since, until last Monday, when the ruling was read on the case.

He was acquitted and discharged on the first count of supplying narcotics as the court could not establish who the drugs were meant for.

However, he was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment with hard labour on the second count of possessing narcotics.

Reading the judgement, presiding Judge Afia Amankwa stated that the officer should have known better as a law enforcement official.

Nankpa has since begun his sentence.

Last modified on Thursday, 03 May 2018

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