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A thug of "wee" smokers in Abura Dunkwa, Tetsi junction have taken the law into their own hands and raided the African Faith Church, beat up the resident pastor and terrorized members of the church.

According to the resident pastor, Osofo morgan, the "wee" smokers have been harassing him and his church members for over a year now and all efforts to bring them to order have proved futile.

He said these hooligans  have set up their  "wee base" close to his church where they converge to smoke the "Indian hemp" after which they cause mayhem to his church without any provocation.

The man of God indicated that the police had to come to their aid to provide security overnight for their safety.

These recalcitrant "wee" smokers have put a deaf ear to all warnings by the chief and elders of the town to stop their nefarious activities.

No arrest has so far been made.





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