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Mawuko Girls SHS introduces e-voting in school elections

The ICT Department of E.P.C Mawuko Girls, have for the time developed a novelty in the election of student leaders by introducing an Electronic Voting System.

The school, which has been using ballot paper system during previous student elections, have developed a virtual platform that allows students to vote for their preferred candidates in less than a minute process.

The procedure begins with the electorates validating their names in the voters’ register, followed by taking an automated generated identification number to enable them have access to the virtual platform.

They then follow the options provided to cast their ballot for their preferred candidates by clicking ‘Yes’ under the candidate’s photograph.

Cornelius Sekley, the Head of ICT Department of Mawuko Senior High School, told Citi News that the move is to make students aware of the various application in the Information Communication Technology space and to prepare them for electronic voting systems which would soon dominate major elections across nations.

“…Of cause this is our first time we are going for the E voting, ICT has come to stay and eventually it’s becoming part of our day to day activities so we thought it wise if we have been using ballot papers for all these years, why don’t us move to the next level by using the I.T materials that are available to us” he said

The process is expected to enable a total number of about 2,500 students to cast their votes to elect candidates for the various positions of School prefect, Assistant Girls’ Prefect, Dining Hall perfect, Compound overseer and entertainment prefect for the 2018/ 2019 academic year.


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