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[Video]: Bantamahene celebrates Akwasidee

Bantamahene on Sunday, 20th May 2018 celebrated Akwasidee at Bantama Palace. People from all walks of life came to pay homage to the war lord. Baffour Owusu Amankwatia VI was treated to Kete and Adowa dance. 

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[Video]: Bantamahene in a cultural dance.

Bantamahene performs a cultural dance at Asantehemaa's funeral.

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[Video]: Otumfuor Osei Tutu II in a cultural dance.

Otumfour Osei Tutu II performing the Adowa dance at his mother's funeral.

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[Video]: Bantamahene celebrates Awukudae

The celebration of Awukudee is of great significance in the Asante Kingdom. It is day set aside for all traditional leaders throughout the Asante Kingdom to pour libation to invoke the spirit of our ancestors for their protection and also to ward off any evil plots of the enemy.

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[Video]:The History behind Adowa dance.

Adowa is an indigenous cultural dance of the Akans especially the Asante tribe. The dance is performed at naming ceremonies, funerals and festivals.

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[Video]:Hajia slaps Adom FM journalist

Hajia slaps a lady journalist from adom fm for trying to take a shot at NPP headquarters in Accra.

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[Video]:Nayas flogs Ernest Opoku @ Adom FM studio

Nayas flogs Ernest Opoku at Adom FM studio during a live worship programme for failing to accept responsibilities of a pregnancy.

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[Video]:I have not cheated on my wife for 20 years.

Professor Joshua Alabi says he has cheated on his wife for the past twenty years.

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