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An arrest warrant has been put out for American-Jamaican rapper, Sean Kingston, over his alleged failure to pay for jewelry bought.

According to TMZ, the Beautiful Girls singer has been charged with grand theft for having some jewelry delivered to him and refusing to pay.

However, the rapper who is not new to such a situation will not be actively tracked down by cops, but the warrant is in their system.

As such, it means that Sean would be arrest if he ever gets flagged down and TMZ added that the singer-songwriter faces up to 3 years behind bars if convicted. His bail has been set at $45,000.

In February 2018, a judge ordered Kingston to pay $301,500 to Aqua Master, a jewelry store based in New York City, after never paying for nine pieces of jewellery, and previously giving him two checks that couldn’t be cashed due to “insufficient funds.”

Just a few months later, AP The Jeweler went public about Kingston dodging him over past due payments. “I’m not calling cops or taking you to court. I’m going to the streets somewhere where you scared to be,” AP threatened in an Instagram post that has since been deleted.

Kingston filed a police report in 2015 after he was briefly kidnapped during a dispute with representatives for Avianne Jewelers because he refused to pay the entire amount for a watch. He was also sued by Avi Da Jewelers for $356,000 worth of unpaid purchases.



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