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The Acting President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Bessa Simons has indicated that music plays a significant role in elections as communication tools in Ghana's electoral campaigns.

He opines that music offers a binding power that unifies people from all ages and in diverse corners of the earth making it one of the most powerful tools for social mobilisation and sensitisation.

African Elections are unique in several respects,in some nations elections are often decided on the different basis rather than political ideologies.Some voters look at religious affiliations,ethnic affiliations and other personal reasons.

Music has come to play a huge role in our electioneering campaigns with political parties using a copyrighted song with or without a license for political campaigns.

Mr Simons believes that music evokes emotions and connects with people in a personal and intimate way.

In an interview with Nana Ampratwum on SilverFM's breakfast show dubbed Omanbapa Morning Show,the Acting President of MUSIGA stressed that the power of music is not limited to relaxing the mind and soul of an individual but helps in fostering peace in the society particularly as it concerns peaceful elections.

''Music calms soul,heart and mind to foster harmonious relationships and music plays a huge role in promoting non - violent election campaigns''

He said that the incursions made by Western style of music,rap,hip-pop has reduced the taste for Ghanaian indigenous or traditional music and highlife music.

Bessa indicated that most iconic highlife Musicians in the past came into the limelight learning from traditional Ghanaian bands.

He urged Ghanaian parents to play local music genre like highlife songs at home so that the youth can develop interest to continue promoting our highlife music, he made this appeal as the world celebrates International Music Day today.

International Music Day is celebrated on 1 October each year. The day was established in 1975 by the International Music Council (IMC), which was founded by UNESCO in 1949. Music is essential to many of our lives and is a powerful platform that brings people together across cultures. The main objectives of the Day are to celebrate the importance of music and musicians worldwide and to promote its value in society by building peace and understanding through a common language.

Mark F. / SilverNEWS / SilverFM


Last modified on Thursday, 01 October 2020

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