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Bhimnation President, Livingston Estse Setekla popularly known as Stonebwoy has issued an unqualified apology to the Sarkcess Team.

On Monday, August 10,2020, during the recording of the Black Love Virtual Concert, there was a misunderstanding rumoured to have had guns pulled and Sarkodie's manager Angelo been slapped.

Angelo posted a video of himself at a hospital with an injured eye which made people ask questions on social media as to what happened and who did that to him.

It was then alleged Stonebwoy had slapped Angelo which has caused an injury to one of his eyes. There were a lot of stories popping up on social media with different sides of the coin not knowing what the actual story is as both parties refused to speak on the issue.

Sarkodie deleted Stonebwoy's flyer of the Black Love Virtual Concert from his Instagram which caused another stir and made people believe that yes, something definitely has happened.

On Friday, August 14 ,2020, Stonebwoy released a video rendering an unqualified apology to Angelo and Sarkodie. He said;

"A few days ago at the recording of my own brother's event Sarkodie, the Black Love concert, we all went there to show love, we are up in high spirit to continue to achieve greatness. There was a little misunderstanding between his manager Angelo and I, and I want to use this opportunity to apologise and say a very big sorry to Angelo my guy and an extension of this goes to Sarkodie himself. There were no knives and guns as purported by some media stations. We have to live in love and support one another and create a peaceful environment. [Credit:oktranking.com]


Last modified on Saturday, 15 August 2020

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