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Concerned players in the Creative Arts Industry have been complaining about the neglect of the sector by successive governments and the latest to add his voice is Dancehall legend, Samini.

According to the musician who was speaking on Class91.3 FM, politicians only pay attention to people in the creative arts industry to capitalize on their fame to sell their political agenda and the story changes after every election.

A report by classfmonline.com quoted Samini to have said that “What they need from the creative arts players or from an artiste or musician is for you to come help them get heard, help them get loud when they need to get loud. When they finish the campaign and all that and they don’t need to get loud, they don’t need you.”

The “gyae shi” singer further expressed his disappointment in politicians by adding that for their selfish thoughts, they care less about the welfare of showbiz personalities.

“They [politicians] don’t see how they should empower creative arts players or have your back so that you can sell your music and make money or how you can have a pension system or a scheme that takes care of you, whether you are active or not.” he said.


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