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Former Central Regional Chairman of the NDC, Bernard Allotey Jacobs has described the petition filed by John Mahama at the Supreme Court as perfectly devised to deceive party faithfuls.

The 'educated fisherman' as he is affectionately known, said he is not surprised the petition was dismissed as lacking merit by the apex court because it is his belief the petitioner just filed the petition as a trial and error game meant to revive his 2024 bid and keep a stranglehold on the party.

He further added that the whole petition was meant to make the chairperson of the EC look bad in the eyes of the public.
He argued that this is what happens when you go to court ill-prepared.

''This judgement comes as no surprise to the NDC executives who actually knew that the had no case''

''The petition had no merit and they knew it ... they were just playing a try and error situation''

''It was purposely done just to deceive party members to look as if the EC Boss stole the verdict.....the NDC had no prove, they had no pink sheet'' Allotey told Silver midday news.

He also stated that the current state of affairs of the NDC was manifested in parliament when the nominees of the President were massively voted for and approved by the house.

Allotey believes that at the moment he does not see the NDC filing for a review of the judgement by the Supreme Court. 

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