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The President of the Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana (JUSSAG) has admonished politicians to halt the disgrace meting out to the state.

JUSSAG last week in a press statement rebuked Social Media Commentator and American-based Ghanaian journalist, Kevin Ekow Taylor for regularly publishing of unsubstantiated allegations against institutions and some respected figures in the country.

According to JUSSAG, his style of journalism without prove should be condemned by Ghanaians else the state will plunge into the pit by one person's false allegations.

Hon. Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak on the other hand accused a Justice of the Supreme Court over bribe allegation.

According to the Asawase MP, a Justice of the Supreme Court tried seducing NDC female MP to vote against a certain candidate in the recent chaos Speakership race Parliament.

But Hon. Muntaka in a statement yesterday has retracted the allegation saying he has no prove to buttress it therefore calling on the Judiciary to pardon him.

Reacting to this on SilverFM's Omanbapa Morning Show, the President of the Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana (JUSSAG), Mr. Alex Nartey told the host of the show, Nana Ampratwum that it is high time politicians respect state institutions.

Mr. Nartey elaborated that blackening State Institutions such as the Judiciary, Police Service , the Military and the rest are unacceptable since they become recipe for chaos in the country.

If these institutions are not working, it means the country is at a halt thereby tarnishing the image especially the Justices of the Supreme Court means doom for the state

Mr. Alex Nartey urged politicians to respect state institutions and know that Ghana is bigger than any of their Political parties.

''If you're saying something about state institutions like the Judiciary, know the length your words should reach in order not to denigrate their integrity''

''If we collapse these instructions it means we are collapsing the country, Ghana.'' he stressed.

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