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Lawyer Abraham Amaliba, legal team member of the NDC says the Akufo Addo led administration is undermining the right to freedom of speech as the Police are being used to intimidate people who express their views with regards to the voters register.

He made these remarks while reacting to the arrest of Benard Mornah over his “We’ll beat and kill each other” comment on SilverFM's breakfast show dubbed Omanbapa with Kwabena Wireko.

He said NPP members including President Akuffo Addo said worst things than what Benard Mornah said but no one intimidated them.

''Are we now in a police state.... Is that the kind of Akufo Addo we saw in opposition...Is he the human right activist we knew''he quizzed.

''All the uncontrolled outburst in the past from Sammy Awuku's 'Afghanistan' to President Akufo Addo's 'All-Die-Be-Die' comment...former President Mahama could have arrested them in the same vain as meted out to Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC) Bernard Mornah '' 

''Their own respected leader E.J DaRoacha once said ugly noises can be allowed in politics...these comments by the PNC Chairman and other groups can be categorized as ugly noises'' 

''These actions by the NPP enrages the public and even make the opposition popular''

''I am looking for former President Kuffuor to apologize to him ,I thought his government was a wicked one because I cannot phantom in this 21st century we will have a lawyer under whose administration the right to freedom of expression and speech can be criminalized.....I am sorry these are ugly noises''he fumed.

Benard Mornah was invited in connection with some comments he made with regard to the Electoral Commission’s decision to compile a new voter roll ahead of the 2020 polls.

This was after he responded to an invitation by the CID for allegedly threatening to resist any attempt by the EC to compile new voters register for the 2020 elections.

The People’s National Convention (PNC) Chairman Bernard Mornah,however, was on Tuesday granted a ¢20,000.00 bail with one surety for allegedly threatening the Electoral Commission (EC).

He was accompanied by Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Peter Boamah Otukunor, Deputy General-Secretary of the NDC, and lawyers Victor Kwadwogah Adawudu and Dr Abdul-Basilt.

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