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A political Analyst Mr Yiadom Boakye has thrown his weight behind the decision by the Electoral Commission (EC) to compile a new voters' register for this year’s parliamentary and presidential elections.

The EC believes the integrity of the 2020 polls could be undermined if a new roll and a new Biometric Voter Management System are not put in place.

According to Mr Boakye, he backed initial calls on the government and the Electoral Commission to abandon plans to compile a new voter register and instead clean the old register and use the money involved for roads and other developmental projects but he agreed the ECs opinion that the cost involved in maintenance of old voters' register was higher than doing a new one.

In the estimation of the Political Analyst, the EC had made a solid case for a new register in terms of cost, time and credibility, hence his decision to support the Commission to compile the new register.

Speaking to Nana Ampratwum on Omanbapa show this morning, the outspoken political analyst said all the political parties and stakeholders are aware of the need to compile a new register but the National Democratic Congress(NDC) and its allies have choose to oppose as the exercise wouldn’t favour them.

''The NDC and their allies do not know anything about General Elections...If they have truly witnessed the tensions General Elections bring in this country , they would never compare it to District Assembly Elections''

''When you consider the oppositions to the exercise it will slow the process even more when people have started comparing Voter Register Exercise to the ongoing NIA registration exercise''

''My stand now is the government should resource the EC and let them begin the exercise..Ghanaians need to argue on the cost involved but the NDC should not be hypocrites who knew how to use the country's resources better''

He described the NDC as spearheading 'deliberaate distortions' and 'lies'

The Political Analyst made a shocking revelation that the main secret surrounding the New Voters' Register brouhaha is the the political division in the country;'' NPP and its allies and NDC and its allies''

He alleged that ''NDC has its strength from the peripheries,the borders of the country which foreigners has capitalize on to maneuver their names in the register over the years so compiling new register may take them from the register hence the opposition''.

''Whiles the NPP is a party that draws its support from the interior of the country''

''So the NPP know that if they do not help the EC to make a clean Voters' Register whiles in government , it will become an albatross to haunt the country in future''

He indicated that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is resisting the Electoral Commission’s call for a new voters’ register because they cannot win any elections with a credible register and not because of the cost involved.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 14 January 2020

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