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The Head of Marriage at the Marriage Registry Unit of Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), Madam Judith Afi Agbeko  has stated emphatically that the laws and act governing marriage in Ghana protects the married couples.

According to her,the conception which some partners have is that registering their marriage and obtaining certificate guarantee an automatic right over the properties of the man.This she indicates it is a misbelief.

In an interview with Nana Ampratwum on SilverFM's breakfast show dubbed Omanbapa Morning SHOW, Ms Agbeko revealed that;

''Marriage in ancient civilization and religion has been found to exist in all human societies in the past and through to the present''

''The main problem sometimes is when a partner dies and the issues which come about on inheritance''

''The inheritance laws in Ghana around death mostly protects the interest of the couples that are married or are in a civil partnership....that is the main reason why our outfit always ensure registration of marriages''

She explained that there are four(4) types of marriages at the KMA;''Ordinance Marriage(normally done by Court or Wedding, Customary Marriage, Proxy Marriage and Islamic System of Marriage''

Ms. Judith Agbeko refuted claims that, KMA does not accept marriage at their premises except registration together with eye witness from both the man and the woman.

She indicated that a 21 day compulsory processing duration is needed before a marriage can be successfully registered.

She reiterated that charges on marriage registration remain the same, nothing more, nothing less.

She noted that marriage is not guaranteed if an individual has a child with a man.

''Promises to marry someone do not guarantee marriage,the only legal representation and guarantee of marriage is the marriage certificate''She stressed.

SilverNEWS / SilverFM / Ghana


Last modified on Friday, 10 July 2020