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Some Students of University of Cape Coast's Distance education in Ashanti region have registered their anger and dissatisfaction towards the University's authorities over what they (the students) describe as biased, heartless, unprofessional and uncomprehending act from the said leadership.

Most students representing about 75% to 80% of total distance students were sacked from the various examination centres within the Ashanti region for owing school fees, majority of which are final year students.

These final years disclosing their ordeal to the media on condition of anonymity said they had been brutally hurt by the heartless actions of the school.

 Some said they had struggled to pay the huge part of the gargantuan fees charged by the school leaving Gh¢200, Gh¢100, Gh¢500, Gh¢300 with others owing as low Gh¢50, Gh¢20 etc which had not been paid by any intentional means, but due to the current hardship challenges in the country.

They explained the unfairness part of the matter attributing it from the fact that some students, who were sacked the previous day (Saturday) before the Sunday's happening, were allowed to write the exam after they had made payment at the time they were sacked.

 "The most painful side of our ordeal is that our colleagues who were sacked on Saturday were later considered after they had paid the school fees at the spot, but it's very sad that we are denied; our monies rejected.

Meanwhile, there's no bank at work on today Sunday". They disclosed.

"Look at my money, GH¢800; I have paid and it has been given back to me with the intention that they won't allow me to write the exam", one student disclosed showing his money. Others with GH¢20, GH¢50, GH¢500, GH¢700 etc on them showed their monies doing the same complain.

"We are just on the verge of completing school. We can't go away without paying their money since we urgently need the certificate", some cried out.

"We now have IC's but we were not even assured of which time we may be given the chance to write. This is affecting us emotionally and mentally since we can't graduate with our colleagues this year", they said, calling on stakeholders to intervene on this matter since it's very unfair.

They also blamed the national students' leadership for not doing their best to intercede on their behalf. They said those leaders had a pre-knowledge of the school's plan to sack fee debtors but never did anything on their behalf.

"Our leaders seem to defend the University all the time instead of representing our interest", they said.

Meanwhile, reacting to the issue, President of the Distance Education Students' Association(DESAG), Mr. Obidombie said the school leadership did its best to satisfy the students but to no avail, due to the fact that the university had given enough grace period to the students.

“No University has favoured its students than UCC. They have done their best to favour students, and we as leaders fought to the brim but couldn't succeed this time", he said.

David Afum (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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