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In its strong belief that a reading nation is an empowered nation, and that an educated people greatly enhance a nation’s quest to achieve accelerated national development, the Ghana Association of Writers, in partnership with Prince Foundation over the weekend organised a reading clinic for the inmates of Remar Ghana Children’s Home at Patasi in the Ashanti Region.

All the forty inmates of the home were presented with some books and other stationeries such as exercise books, pens, pencils and erasers and were refreshed as part of brief reading clinic.

In an interview with the media, the President of the Ashanti branch of GAW, Mr. Bernard Elikem Buachi said their presence at the home was to associate themselves and to help the inmates with their (GAW’s) literacy programme so that they can read and write.

“We have realized that children and their learning have not been taken seriously, that is an observation that we have made and we would like to project that,” he added.

Mr. Elikem Buachi decried the current state of the Kumasi Children’s Park which in his term described it as a ‘Criminals Park’ and called on the city authorities to in a matter of urgency redevelop the place for its intended purpose.

“How many libraries are there and are opened to the kids. What is the situation of the regional library? We are in a digitized era such that if your kid is not learning to use computers or hand held devices and all that, you are been left behind already. So what plans does the region and authorities that run the region, political and traditional have in mind for learning. We have a place like the children’s park at Afful Nkwanta. I can definitely say it has become a criminals’ park which is not fair to children,” he protested.

He made passionate appeal to the leaders, NGOs, well- meaning philanthropists to pull strings together and rid the Kumasi Children’s Park off from criminals who have made the place their den and then develop it to into what it has been initially earmarked to be and make it a safe haven for children and a learning place.

“We need that to happen, we at GAW, Ashanti want to say that we are ready to volunteer services for any kind of literacy or learning endeavour that especially targets kids,” he reiterated.

On her part, Mrs. Sharifa Qokome, caretaker of the Home thanked GAW and Prince Foundation for their visit and called on all well- meaning organizations and individuals to emulate.

She also appealed for assistance in settling the Home’s outstanding utility bills, school fees of the inmates and rent fairs.

David Afum (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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