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The Minister of Education in charge of Tertiary, Prof Kwesi Yankah has stated that, many children at the school going age became dropout because of canning which was seen as the only way of punishing a student.

He said, we in this part of the world have taken the joy out of going to school, and made school going a misery, a drudgery, a kind of penalty and punitive sentence we inflict on the child, at a period in his life where it hurts the most: during their tender years in the basic school, the most important part in the journey towards good education.

Prof. Yankah added that, Ghanaians have grown to believe that caning the child, sometimes on the bare skin, is the best way to correct the child, and transform her.

 Such that when the Ghana Education Service started conversations about banning caning in schools, both teachers and parents were up in arms, completely ruling out any constructive alternative to whipping the child.

According to him, that is why the child would rather sell plantain at Assin Fosu on a market day; sell kenkey by the street-side at Nyamoransa, or sell fried octopus at Moree; “for we have taken the joy out of schooling and made it a rather scary experience”.

Prof. Kwesi Yankah made this comment in his speech at the 24th General Assembly of the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana held at Fosu College of Education.

Prof Yankah emphasized that, “we have misplaced our priorities as a nation, as a continent, and have completely devalued education since Independence, forgetting the pivotal role education plays in national development; and how we as nations have conspired to undermine the child’s right to quality education right from her infancy”.

He finally pleaded with teachers to adopt an alternative ways of punishing student aside canning.

The program with the theme: Rising to the new standard in teacher education, was attended by delegate from 46 colleges of Education across the country, the Chief of Assin Nyankomasi Nana Kwaku Apotai and many prominent figures in the society.

Credit:  Odoom Prince (Gameboy)/Nkwafm

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