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National Service has now been made compulsory for everyone who has completed any accredited tertiary institution in Ghana being it a diploma holder, degree holder etc, says the acting Ashanti Regional Director.

According to the Acting Ashanti Regional Director of the National Service Scheme, Mr. Alex Opoku Mensah aka Omens, the national Service according to the Ghana constitution act 246 of 1980 compels everyone to do it.

It's against this background the Ashanti regional chapter has now set an enforcement agency that is going to punish all those within private and public workplaces who refused to do national service. Mr. Opoku Mensah said the enforcement agents will be going to the various workplaces to do that serious exercise.

He explained that both employees and employers who have completed tertiary are going to face the law when they are found defaulters.

He further explained that people are usually posted to places where their services are needed and therefore gave an advice that personnel should desist from rejecting postings

The director however gave an exception that anyone who for any good reason cannot do the Service on the completion year can write to the secretariat for notification to be considered for the following year.

On an issue of reposting, Mr. Omens indicated that people can be considered for reposting on the grounds of marriage, lactating or nursing mothers, disability and pregnancy.

For those who have already been employed and want to do the National Service in such workplaces, Mr. Opoku Mensah said it's a rule for employers to rather pay the salaries instead of the supposed of the government.

On the issue of specialisation field and postings, Mr. Opoku Mensah said, ideally the scheme wishes to post people on their field of specialisation but that's not absolute.

He disclosed that the 2019/2020 registration of the scheme starts from June to July, 2019 according to the director

Credit: Nana Peprah Asiase

Last modified on Saturday, 23 March 2019

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