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It saddens my heart that a video involving such a prominent figure in our society is trending on our media landscape and with all technical state apparatus like the National Communications Authority (with newly created Cyber Security Unit), Data Protection Agency, Internet Society Ghana, Ghana Internet Service Providers Association and some others.

After my effort to get the attention of the Data protection Agency on some vulnerabilities I realized in our network systems in Ghana as a whole proved futile, I wonder who(Individual or cooperate) will be the next victim. Again, I ask myself what will Ghana do incase a cyber-attack on our Cyber Landscape in General is mounted from another country for whatsoever mischievous reasons.

Another question, are most of these above mentioned institutions not funded by the Tax payers money? Why can’t Citizens like myself and other good ones in I.T be given the needed attention to prove skills?

In retrospect, I remember very well of the leaked sex video that involved Hannah Tetteh’s son and as a reference: that video was worked on, though not in the expert way but at least the engineers or I.T person(s) who worked on that deserves some accolades.

The problem with the work they did was that the naming of the video was blacklisted in our network gateways overlooking the fact that a smart I.T guy could rename the video and resend (they were supposed to work on the content as well and my learned I.T colleagues will agree with me that its Highly possible to blacklist a content either than its naming extension alone)

I hereby state with no iota of fear, that our Cyber institutions are occupied by clueless round pegs in square holes and for that matter will indulge every citizen of our dear country Ghana to share this piece till it reaches his Excellency’s table.

#Secure our internet Contents
#Secure our Cyber Space
#Avoid any bigger scandal
#Lets get NCA, DPA,GISPA etc working better

By: Evans Addo-Kwabla (Concerned Citizen and I.T Consultant)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact: 050162838

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