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Ryanair Is First Airline to Become a Top-10 Polluter in Europe

Ryanair Holdings Plc  was one of the 10 biggest polluters in Europe last year, a first for a company that doesn’t run coal-fired power plants.

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Microsoft takes a stand against corporate April Fool's jokes

April Fool's Day is a collectively sanctioned excuse to lie to people once every year. Tech companies, in particular, love making goofy announcements on the first day of April to celebrate, but one major industry player will sit out the annual tradition in 2019.

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A French Muslim group is suing Facebook and YouTube for hosting the Christchurch shooting video

A group representing French Muslims is suing the French branches of Facebook and YouTube for hosting the video of the Christchurch attack in New Zealand. The group, the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), says that by enabling the live streaming of the mosque shooting, that killed 50, the tech platforms were "broadcasting a message with violent content abetting terrorism, or of a nature likely to seriously violate human dignity and liable to be seen by a minor," according to the BBC.

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French Muslim group sues Facebook, YouTube for Christchurch video

When that little white box on Facebook asks you, "What's on your mind?", could Facebook be responsible for what you have to say?

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5 ways to keep plastic out of the world's oceans

Each year, 8 million metric tons of plastic go into the ocean (that's equal to about one garbage truck per minute), according to a 2016 report by the World Economic Forum, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and McKinsey & Company.

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Figgers F3 beats Apple and Samsung with first 5G Smartphone

Freddie Figgers is proving why the Black History should be celebrated 365 days a year as he is slated to become the first African American Techpreneur to revolutionize the Smartphone industry.

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Facebook faces criminal investigation over controversial data sharing deals

Facebook Company is now facing a criminal investigation as the result of its controversial data sharing practices.

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Mozilla launches Firefox Send, a free self-destructing file-sharing service

The nonprofit behind the popular open-source Firefox web browser has launched its new encrypted self-destructing file-sharing platform, Firefox Send. Mozilla’s latest offering has been in beta since 2017. It officially launched on Tuesday.

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Instagram co-founder admits he took the idea of Stories from Snapchat

Snapchat loyalists just got some vindication about the shady tactics Instagram used to compete with the original ephemeral photo sharing app.

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Africa Digital Awards launched

The Ghana edition of Africa Digital Awards has been launched on Friday, 8 March 2019 in collaboration with Stanbic Bank’s Business Incubator at the Stanbic Heights in Accra.

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