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Consume more natural spices to boost immune system against COVID 19 - Ghana Traditional Caterers Association

President of the Ghana Traditional Caterers Association (GTCA), Mr. Frank Nana Owusu has urged Ghanaians to consume more natural spices at the expense of the artificial ones.

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Penises are shrinking because of pollution, warns Environmental Scientist

In case you needed another reason to care about the climate crisis, it has been found that pollution is causing human penises to shrink.

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Public warned against insertion of foreign objects into ears

Foreign objects, like cotton swabs and bobby pins, can cause cuts and bruises in the ear canal that can get infected, causing acute ear infections → Avoid putting foreign objects in the ear.

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Five healthy things you must do after sex

What do you do after sex? Do you cuddle up to each other for a bit? Do you turn around and fall asleep immediately? Or do you perhaps go to the bathroom? We focus a lot on what we do during the deed, but not on things to do after sex.

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Ginger - The Amazing Vegetable : Dr Frank Bonsu highlights on some health benefits

A Senior Dietician at Dag Government Hospital, Dr Frank Bonsu has highlighted some health benefits of ginger , which he describes as an 'Amazing Vegetable'

According to him the health benefits of this rhizome or root crop is enormous. He spoke to Nana Ampratwum on Omanbapa Show

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See everyone as COVID 19 patient - GHS Boss admonishes

The Director of Ghana Health Service (GHS), Dr. Aboagye Dacosta is admonishing to all Ghanaians to as a matter of necessary, see each individual as COVID 19 patient in the country.

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Effects of masturbation

Dele and Shayo (not real names) have been married for a few years. Shayo is a housewife, taking care of the kids, while Dele goes to work every day. Dele came back from work one fine evening, expecting to get “something light” from his wife after dinner, only for her to say “Dele I have already masturbated a few hours ago, so I am not really in the mood right now”.

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Covid-19: Oxford University vaccine is highly effective

The coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford is highly effective at stopping people developing Covid-19 symptoms, a large trial shows.

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COVID-19 Vaccine : US could begin vaccinations by December 11 - Official

The head of the United States government’s coronavirus vaccine effort has said that the first doses of the drug will “hopefully” be administered by mid-December.

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Life will be back to normal next winter - COVID-19 Vaccine Creator

The impact of a new Covid vaccine will kick in significantly over summer and life should be back to normal by next winter, one of its creators has said.

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