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Dear ladies, thank God for men who…

Men are very interesting beings. We are usually quite easy to please. We do not like drama, we do not like talking a lot, we are not very demanding. But we like to have some things done for us. We value our game time, there are some things that we only care about to please and impress you, and there are other things that we would rather not do at all.

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GMA expresses worry over health situation in Ghana’s prisons

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has bemoaned the general health situation in the prisons in the country and has tasked the Government of Ghana to uphold and fulfill its duty of care to the prisoners.

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The sexiest ways to turn somebody on

Want to get your partner in the mood? There are all kinds of little things that you can do to help turn somebody on, from flirty text messages to back massages to doing your very own Magic Mike-esque striptease, but there are also a whole lot of completely non-sexual stimuli which seem to do the trick as well.

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Lady announces HIV status with tattoo

Miss Katie Klein has done the unimaginable by tattooing “HIV+” on her private part in a bid to announce her status to the world at large on Twitter.

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NHIS:Ghanaians advised to enroll on policy as the law makes it mandatory for all

After a decade of its implementation, national coverage is just about 34% of the national population. Affordability of the NHIS contribution is often cited by households as a major barrier to enrolment in the NHIS without any rigorous analysis of this claim.

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A/R: Poor roads hamper healthcare delivery in Wadie-Dumakase

The bad nature of roads in the Wadie-Dumakase in the Kwabre East municipality of the Ashanti  is hampering quality healthcare delivery to the people in the area.

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Breast Care International Hosts Awareness Walk

Breast Care International (BCI), a breast cancer awareness organization, over the weekend led thousands of people to participate in a breast cancer awareness health walk in Cape Coast, Central Region.

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Rebecca Opens Refurbished Osu Maternity Home

The Rebecca Foundation with support from the Chinese government has renovated the Osu Government Maternity home into a modern facility.

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“Ghana’s Medical Drone Delivery Service The Largest In The World” – President Akufo-Addo

The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, says Ghana is developing a comprehensive primary healthcare package for her citizens, which would mean better health outcomes, lower costs, and healthier families and communities.

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Polio vaccination resumes in 5 regions

Round One of the polio vaccination exercise began in five regions on Wednesday, September 25 and scheduled to end on Saturday, September 28.

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