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President of the Ghana Traditional Caterers Association (GTCA), Mr. Frank Nana Owusu has urged Ghanaians to consume more natural spices at the expense of the artificial ones.

Mr Owusu is advocating for the use of natural spices like "Prekese, Hwentiaa, Nketekete, etc" for catering purposes and calls on every Ghanaian especially traditional caterers to comply as such.

He also believes another approach to fight the Covid-19 pandemic is to consume more natural spices in the food we eat to build strong immune system.

Citing references to scientific findings to support his argument, he said the nutritive values of natural spices cannot be underestimated in the fight against diseases.

According to him, most effective remedies so far prescribed to mitigate and fight COVID-19 infection in this pandemic era involves natural spices but it's worrying how it's been neglected.

Nana Owusu made the disclosure on the account of Ghana Month event observed on every March to potray what we are as Ghanaians.

He describes the insurgence of junk food on the market as the compelling factor compounding national health challenges and hopes Ghanians can go back and re - consider the local traditional cuisine which comprises most of the natural spices in the recipe.

Nana Peprah Gideon | SilverNews


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