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A Senior Dietician at Dag Government Hospital, Dr Frank Bonsu has highlighted some health benefits of ginger , which he describes as an 'Amazing Vegetable'

According to him the health benefits of this rhizome or root crop is enormous. He spoke to Nana Ampratwum on Omanbapa Show

Ginger as an Amazing Veggie : (backed by scientific research)

- In terms of anti microbial or bacteria properties, Ginger prevents oral bacteria from growing or multiplying in the mouth and hence prevents bad breath and mouth odour. We have individuals who eat the raw ginger most often.

- Secondly , Ginger relieves nausea - prevents vomiting experienced by pregnant women in the mornings.

- Lower blood sugar or blood glucose level  - Several researches indicate that regular intake if ginger sauce, soup, salads etc. reduce levels of blood glucose. 

- Relieves pain - Especially menstrual cycle periodic pain in females due to crumps. Intake of about 1.5milligrams of ginger powder each day about three days to menstrual period promotes smooth cycle flow.

- Ginger lowers cholesterol - Regular intake of ginger in your daily vegetables  help reduce cholesterol levels.

- It protects the body against certain diseases caused by free radicals during metabolism due to its anti oxidant property and flavonoids presence. It frees our lungs.

- Prevents indigestion especially late eating. Can be eaten to prevent constipation.

- Easing a cold or the flu.

- The high anti oxidant property promotes sexual function like water melon and its seeds.

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