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The Chairman of the National Risk Communication and Social Mobilization Committee of COVID-19, Dr. Aboagye Da Costa says stigma has become one of the major challenges in the fight against the virus in the country.

This comes after the staffs of the Fanteakwa Government Hospital in the Eastern Region are reportedly being shunned by their communities after a patient tested positive of COVID-19 there.

Dr. Aboagye Da Costa said his outfit will take immediate steps to address the concerns in the district.

“Stigma has become one of the main concerns as we combat COVID-19. We don’t need to stigmatize because we are all at risk. We need to help the victims and not stigmatize. I will immediately get in touch with the Regional and District Directorate so they can pick it up and address it,” Dr. Da Costa assured.

In relation, the CEO of Mental Health Authority, Dr. Akwasi Osei has expressed much concern of stigmatization with regards to COVID-19 patients.

Speaking to Nana Ampratwum on Omanbapa Morning Show on Silver 98.3 FM, he advised Ghanaians to stop stigmatizing COVID19 patients or suspected positive status people.

“We should rather have empathy for those who have contracted the virus than stigmatizing them so that people will report to the Hospitals in case they are showing symptoms of the virus or any other diseases.” Dr. Akwasi Osei furthered.

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