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A former Director-General of the Ghana Health Service, Professor Agyeman Badu Akosa, has raised concern about the rate at which recent lifestyle and eating habits are leading to the premature deaths of a lot of the Ghanaian working class.

He has consequently urged Ghanaians to go back to their former ways of eating local foods and vegetables, and exercise regularly to reduce the increasing number of people under 60 years who are dying at an alarming rate due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Prof. Akosa, who is also a Cellular Pathologist and Lifestyle Wellness Consultant, was speaking to SilverFM's Nana Ampratwum on OmanbapaSHOW this morning.

Prof. Akosa said a recent research on autopsied population report in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ghana indicated that nine per cent of people who died in the UK were under 60 years, while those who died in Ghana under 60 were 80 per cent.

''Scientifically bacteria in women are transferred to the children during birth and this determines the kind of food which should be given to the child''

''This means that the bacteria can work on the food which the parent consumes''

''The country has a lot of food which normally contains carbohydrates with fibre''

''But there is a kind of importance scientifically when these corn and millet are fermented before they can finally be used to prepare Ghanaian dishes like kenkey,Tuozaafi , akple''

''But today what do we see .... we like to consume a lot of polished perfumed rice which contain a lot of sugars causing diabetes''


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