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A Ghanaian student residing at the epicentre of China's coronavirus outbreak has pleaded with the Ghanaian government to repatriate Ghanaians from Wuhan, China.

According to him, a lot of the students from sub-Saharan countries in Wuhan, the capital of the Hubei Province - feel abandoned by their governments given that North African countries such as Morrocco and Egypt have airlifted their nationals on chartered flights.

There are an estimated 4,600 African students studying in the Hubei province where Wuhan has become the ground zero for the deadly virus' spread, according to Development Reimagined, an international development consultancy in Beijing. However, there are also other African nationals resident in the Hubei province outside the academic community.

One of the students in China speaking to Nana Ampratwum on OmanbapaSHOW said no Ghanaian specifically, students has been reportedly infected.

''Right now the authorities have quarantined all residents who are in the province where the virus originated,Wuhan''

''There are no movements in and out of Wuhan....but in other provinces we have been alerted to put on protective clothing whenever we are going out of town''

''Currently school authorities have moved into taking of temperature levels of students coming in and going out of the premises''


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