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It was really only a matter of time. Samsung has made a TV for vertical video in an effort to woo social media-addicted millennials.

Yes, you read that correctly: a vertical TV. It's called the Sero, and it's a 43-inch set with Samsung's Bixby assistant built in.

The TV has a rotating display, so it is possible to flip the screen and watch horizontal content as well, but Samsung says the design is meant to appeal to younger buyers who want to watch vertical videos from their phones on a larger screen.

It comes equipped with built-in screen mirroring functionality, so you can beam video from your phone to the TV, and a 60-watt speaker for music streaming.

It may look a bit strange, but it's actually not a terrible idea. Between TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube, some of the most engaging mobile videos are shot vertically, so why not give people a way to watch them on larger screens without unsightly black space.

What's less clear is how much demand there is to watch vertical video on a TV in the first place. For millennials who are interested, the Sero will be available in Korea at the end of May and will cost about $1,600.

Source: Mashable

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