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Parents and guardians feel guilty of indulging their kids or wards in sugar-laden products like ice-cream, cookies, and chocolates and the consumption of beverages.

However, due to the availability of a variety of sugary stuff in the market, kids are exceeding the recommended sugar intake, which is surely a matter of concern.

The high intake of sugar can cause numerous health problems and it is important to cut down the intake of sugar but what is the right amount of sugar children should have?

Minimum Amount

Consumption of sugar in moderation does not affect your child’s health much. However, excessive intake of the sweet stuff can have a number of health risks.

Sugar contains empty calories with no essential nutrients and eating too much of it can lead to weight gain, increase in the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It is also responsible for tooth decay, which is very common in kids these days.

As per Public Health England (PHE), the amount of sugar to be consumed by children depends on their age.

4-6 years: 19 grams or 5 teaspoons per day

7-10 years: 24 grams or 6 teaspoons per day

11 years old and above: 30 grams or seven teaspoons per day.

It’s not that easy to stop your child from consuming sugar. But by following a few simple steps you can limit their intake. You can simply swap the sugary stuff with the ones containing fewer calories.

– Instead of a fizzy drink, give your child fresh fruit juice and water.

– Before buying a product, check for its nutrition level. Avoid food that contains more amount of sugar.

– Swap high sugar breakfast like cereals, cornflakes, with plain yogurt and toast.

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