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President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, placing a time ban on many activities in a committed attempt to combat the spread of pandemic corona virus in Ghana, has raised many doubts in the minds of most Ghanaians over how to survive within the period.

One of such directives is the seizure on importation of some food items such as chicken.This has raised many questions from a section of Ghanaians as to whether our poultry farmers are going to produce enough to meet the demands of Ghanaian consumers.

Reacting to the doubts however, the Ashanti Regional Chapter of the Poultry Farmers' Association has assured food sufficiency and security,calling for calm as the association is prepared to produce more than enough to feed the Ghanaians.

Chairman for the Association, Dr Boris Baidoo, C.E.O of Boris B's Farms speaking on behalf of the association commended President Nana Addo for his good steps in fighting the novel corona virus and called on all Ghanaians to support the president.

Commenting on the association's readiness, he disclosed to SilverNEWS that the association is ever ready to feed the country even if the seizure on importation of chicken continues forever.
"Our commitment to produce enough chicken, eggs etc started a very long time ago, and not now", he revealed.

Covid 19 is a serious threat to the lives of the world's population, and this may cause food shortage due to the seizure on importation of goods and food items that used to support the country.

Responding to the Ghanaians' reaction on behalf of the poultry farmers' association, Dr. Boris Baidoo made it clear that, the disease shouldn't panic Ghanaians to the extend that there's going to be a famine in the country, but should trust poultry farmers and others who are always doing their best to produce enough.

He also revealed that the association as part of its effort to effectively feed Ghanaians has introduced a BBC project (Boris B Chicken project) which produces quality meat in the system.

Doctor Boris Baidoo also allayed fears in the minds of most Ghanaians that locally manufactured chicken and stuff are expensive where he disclosed that there's nothing like that. He revealed that the local ones are more cheaper as compared to the foreign ones.

He therefore called on the government to provide them with enough support that could ease their  production.

Adding his voice, the former national chairman and member of the counsel of elders, Mr. Kwadwo Asante, C.E.O of K.Asante farms called out that the possibility of poultry farmers providing enough to feed the nation depends highly on the government's commitment and support for farmers.

He therefore assured Ghanaians that poultry farmers are assiduously producing enough to feed the populates.

He finally suggested that a budgetary portion be made available for poultry farmers to ease their production.

Source: Gideon PEPRAH

Last modified on Monday, 23 March 2020

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