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Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote has let out the most vital secret that set him apart in the African business terrain.

In a say-it-all gathering, at a recent engagement with some of Africa’s young entrepreneurs, the Nigerian businessman revealed that he sacrificed personal pleasures,brushing aside the temptations that were sweeping in as he made big profits and decided to re-invest his profits into his business instead of clinging onto a luxuries of life.

“I decided to put the profits I was making, back into my own business because i knew a time would come when I could not make as much profits as before. So instead of going on a spending-spree, i decided to seed my profit back into business”, Dangote hammered on.

The affable billionaire affirmed that, he needed to avoid the tempting distractions of luxury because he knew he could be hit with shocks in business, if he did not act smartly with the gains that were hopping into his accounts.

He alerted young business people to not be captivated with profits they are making but rather stick to the basics and contain their lusts.



Last modified on Friday, 14 June 2019

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