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In order to maintain its market leadership of the 4G mobile data market segment MTN Ghana is not only focusing on having superior geographical coverage  and speed of service with regards to download time but is also expanding the range of ways in which its 4G services can be accessed as well. This is key, especially with the entry of Vodafone into the fray, which has the capacity to compete with MTN with regards to spatial coverage and sheer brand pedigree.

Key to MTN’s efforts to retain its dominant market share is accessibility to its mobile 4G services at competitive prices. Which is why its latest product, TurboNet will be so crucial.

MTN TurboNet is a plug and play high speed 4G internet router which comes with a high-powered external antenna and data SIM that enables it to deliver fast internet in MTN 4G locations and indeed the fastest speeds available in Ghana in places where the network’s 4G+ services are now up and running.

TurboNet will win heavy customer patronage for several reasons.

One is its simplicity. The router itself comes with a 4G SIM card, and once registered all the user has to do is pay for a preferred bundle using short code or mobile money, and a post paid service is available too.

Second is its sheer capacity which translates into significant benefits to the user.  It can provide high speed internet connection for up to 32 users at once which makes it as effective as a broad band service for offices and large households, but with the added advantage of offering mobility as well. Importantly, the connection is even more reliable – the antenna enhances the internet connection so there is simply no down-time. Add to this a voice enabled feature for voice telephony.

Next is its flexibility. There are seven data plans available and they all illustrate its price competitiveness. The TurboNet device itself costs GHc300 and after this one-off cost users can choose any of the seven plans which range from 200GB at Gc75 to 550 GB for GHc395.

MTN’s TurboNet is simply the best router to be introduced into the Ghanaian 4G internet market so far  and it will force the company’s competitors – Vodafone, Busy, Surfline and Blue – to make arrangements for upgraded, better capacity 4G routers of their own if they are to remain competitive in the provision of mobile 4G internet access.

Added to the faster download speeds being offered by the expanding 4G+ service, MTN Ghana is convinced it has a winner. However while TurboNet’s introduction is a major salvo fired by MTN in the battle to dominate Ghana’s 4G market, some of its competitors  have the capacity in their respective armouries to fire back.

Ultimately, it is the customers who will win as the competition in Ghana’s 4G market spreads across service capacity, service accessibility, service cost and geographical coverage.

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